Cleaning mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are one of the most important devices in the home. Including other types of accommodation such as dormitories, condominiums as well because they help prevent mosquitoes, flies or insects. not to interfere annoying or harming people in the house

Especially mosquitoes that are carriers of dengue fever with flies that are carriers of cholera, both of which are quite serious

But cleaning the mosquito net It is a job that is often overlooked. They didn’t think much of each other. by which we will pay attention with cleaning the floor, sweeping, sweeping, wiping, mopping, and other parts of the house more

Because you might think wire mesh screen Just using it without brushing the chicken feathers to knock out the dust would be enough. In addition to cleaning the mosquito net. quite cumbersome and wastes a little more time than other tasks.

However, cleaning the mosquito net is a must because of the stains of dust floating in the air often gathered together at the mosquito net would certainly affect the health of the residents, more or less because when the wind blows would bring along the dust that had settled along. When you breathe in and breathe in often, there is a chance of getting sick. because of the inhalation of dust into the body.

From the foregoing so it can be seen that cleaning the mosquito net It’s the housework that matters. Not losing any other jobs. Let’s take a look at how to clean the mosquito net correctly.

Equipment to be prepared

  1. Detergent or soapy water or window screen cleaner (if any)
  2. Sponge
  3. Clean and dry cloth
  4. Old newspaper
  5. Glass cleaner

Procedure for cleaning mosquito nets

  1. Remove the bracket on the window sill and gently remove the screen.
  2. Use a feather duster. Knock out the dust that sticks out. or if there is a vacuum cleaner It was taken to suck all over.
  3. Mix water with detergent. Or you can use soapy water. moisten the sponge with water Scrub and clean all parts. of the mosquito net
  4. Rinse with clean water. Then use a clean cloth to wipe until dry, or you can leave it in the sun for about 20 minutes.
  5. Clean up Window area with mosquito netting especially if it is a rotating mirror Bring a wooden feather duster. or use a vacuum cleaner Vacuum all dust. Then, moisten the newspaper with water or glass cleaner and gently rub it all over until it’s clean.
  6. Remove the screen that has been dried. Assemble it in place using fasteners to hold it in place.

That’s all. next people in the house can inhale cold air from the outside in the lungs without worrying about dust or germs that will float with them anymore

Don’t forget to clean the screens often because soon the dust will come back together. The screened island is definitely the same again.

Cleaning is not something to be taken lightly. In today’s world where not, everybody can find time to clean daily, cleaning after regular intervals is very necessary. You can always hire any professional cleaning company to get the job done. Through their expertise they can always make your property/home clean thoroughly. Always ensure to consult different companies to get the best cleaning prices London. After a little digging you will be able to find someone compatible with your conditions.