Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit is a comedy about a mismatched duo, Cooper an uptight and by-the-book cop who tries to protect Daniella Riva a spoiled, sexy and outgoing widow of a drug lord as they race through Texas, pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen. Their differences are not just their physical appearances and looks; the cop is petite and very precise in her job while the drug lord wife is sexy, curvaceous, and outrageous and talks with a funny accent.

Cooper a San Antonio, Texas cop is working the desk and given the chance to prove herself by escorting Daniella Riva whose husband is scheduled to testify in court against a Mexican drug kingpin. The plan went array when two gunmen burst into Daniella Riva’s house killing her husband. The Texas law enforcement thinks Cooper and Daniella are the killers but Cooper is very determined to escort and take Daniella to testify.

While the movie is funny, it is mindless and full of situational and slapstick jokes. The plot  is very predictable; you know exactly what would happen at the end. Even the story is not original; it is your typical on-the-run comedy between two buddies.

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are two talented actresses this movie may be a career low for both. Like most comedies the movie is forgettable but never the less funny and entertaining for a weekend night at the movies.

Reese Witherspoon stars as Cooper and Sofia Vergara stars as Daniella Riva. Directed by Anne Fletcher.

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