The Palliser Bullet Review

The home theater space here in the US market at the moment is in a state of flux at the moment with the exit of Berkline in the first quarter.  Berkline offered a large range of products in home theater that enjoyed good customer feedback.  Palliser is now the dominant home

The New Palliser Bullet

theater seating brand in this space and introduces a brand new line up this year with the Palliser Bullet.

The Bullet addresses the need for a space saving model after the exit of the previous space saving champion – the Berkline 13175.  Yet, this seat includes so much more.  The foot rest for one, is the chaise style design which was sourly lacking in the Berkline model.  Chaise style foot rests do not have gaps in between the foot rest and the actual seat.  There is one continuous piece of leather or fabric which supports the legs far better than the older more traditional foot rests.  Legs that have continuous support offer better protection for the lower back and spine.  The Bullet also includes a small steel grommet at the front of the arm rest that allows the user to insert a tray table.  Every seat is sold with one tray able.

The final feature on this model worth mentioning is the ambient base lighting – a row of lights that run under the frame of the seat and give the seating arrangement an authentic theater room like feel.  This lighting used to be a nightmare in some Berkline models due to the fact that the lights daisy-chained together to form one circuit.  If something went wrong with one seat, the whole circuit went down.  This is not the case with this model.  Each theater seating model stands alone.

With comfortable seating in place, you only need iptv subscription UK to make your experience truly worthwhile.