Tips when choosing personalised stickers materials

Personalised stickers can be a game changer. They allow you to modify and edit pre-made designs, find the right shape and choose your ideal material to create your perfect sticker. But sometimes, this choice can be a little overwhelming. How do you know which material is right for you? 

In this article, we will help you find out. Below, you will find three tips and tricks that will enable you to make the right decision and get your personalised stickers looking amazing. We will talk you through the material options available and give you plenty of examples for each option. Are you ready to learn more? 

  1. Get the right sticker for your environment

One of the most important aspects to consider is where you want to use your stickers and what you will apply them to. Depending on the conditions your stickers will be exposed to, you will need a vinyl-based or paper-based material. 

Sticker vinyl is one of your most versatile options. The vinyl-base and lamination protects your stickers from the elements, making them water- and scratch-proof. You can use vinyl stickers indoors as well as outdoors without compromising the look of your stickers.

Paper is your other option. This is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic stickers. However, as these stickers are made from paper, they are not as resistant as their vinyl-based counterparts. They are not waterproof and should only be used indoors.

  1. Think about their durability

How long do you want your stickers to last? Now, while you might immediately jump to “as long as possible”, think about your intended use. Will your stickers be used as address labels or as part of your packaging? If so, you do not need them to last for years and years. A beautiful biodegradable paper sticker will absolutely do the trick for you. 

If you want to use your personalised stickers on cars, bicycles, vehicle fleets or windows, you should consider a vinyl sticker. Even outdoors, these can last up to three years without dissolving or fading away.

Especially when you give stickers away as part of your marketing, you want your customers to have a great experience using your stickers. With vinyl stickers, you are on the safe side as they are the perfect all-rounder.

  1. Make them work with your design 

Did you know that you are not just stuck with white stickers? There is a whole range of coloured and effect materials available for you to create stunning designs in minutes. These options range from metallic and fluorescent colours to transparent and glitter vinyls. Using such materials, you can elevate any design, and highlight specific brand features on top of that. 

Do you run a shop for luxury candles? Then holographic labels cannot only amplify the features of your product, but communicate your high-end status to customers. Maybe you offer premium tech gadgets? Go with a metallic silver label to show off the sleekness of your products. 

This material can be put to work in different ways. You can let the effects of the material stand alone and shine through in specific parts of your design. If you only want these effects to be visible in particular areas, your sticker printing company of choice can print white ink in between the material and your colours. This dilutes the effect. However, if you want to create a metallic colour or even a stained-glass effect, leave out the white and print your colour directly onto the effect material. 

So, which material is it going to be? We are excited to see what you will be creating. Feel free to share your experience or any other tips with us in the comments below.