VIP Membership Vs. Standard Membership in Cryptogames

Indulge yourself in the VIP Membership program with incentives to improve player gaming activities. To gain Premium VIP Membership, users must achieve one of the top positions in the monthly wagering competitions. The top five players on that leaderboard in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top two or three for Litecoin, and the top player again for the rest of the currencies will enjoy this special privilege for one entire month. PlayMoney winners aren’t eligible.

VIP Benefits

As VIP Members, users will be eligible for the following privileges for the term of the VIP status. Lower House Edges on Dice to Experience a unique benefit of playing with just 0.8 per cent House Edge, which is 20 per cent less than what ordinary players enjoy.Highest Bet Priority to Experience zero serverside delay when making bets of any amount enabling the player to appreciate maximum bet speed.

Higher Exchange Limits for No longer spending time visiting a third-party exchange due to the onsite exchange limit. VIP members have the advantage of increased exchange limits. VIPs may swap up to ten times daily while the maximum is raised to a massive 1 Bitcoin.

VIP Chat room to get admission to our exclusive VIP chatroom. The lounge acts as a more private channel of contact between VIP players in which they can share information and debate various ideas and tales with the administrators of the casino.VIP Tag on Chat Showcase the status with the VIP badge that may be viewed every time player submits a message in the chatbox.


Miscellaneous Rewards

CryptoGames honours the player’s birthday by giving the user with $100 value of Bitcoins. This is suitable for VIP members who’ve already completed level 3 authentication (KYC) or above and may be claimed by telling Support shortly before one’s birthday by email. Bonus Faucet Grade  Gain an extra faucet level to collect more prizes from the faucet.

Monthly Voucher Drops to Reap player VIP perks by claiming vouchers mailed to player inbox. The number of coupons and the money player earns depends on the player’s place in the betting contest. If users win many competitions, the player will get compensation for the one with the most significant prize value. These coupons are delivered on the 2nd, third and fourth week of every month. The day of the week when coupons are distributed is randomly determined. The vouchers must be utilized within three months, then after they expire.

Bitcoin, Ethereum&Litecoin for First place winners were awarded three coupons, 2nd place got two coupons, and 3rd position with one Voucher every month. Piece BTC/ETH voucher is valued at roughly $100, while an LTC coupon is worth $80 each.


Extra Rewards

MoneroFirst Position Holder gets awarded one Voucher every month, and each coupon is worth $80.All Other Coins for First  Position Holders are awarded one Voucher monthly, and each coupon is valued at $60. PlayMoney winners are sadly not rewarded. Through all these bonuses, the site hopes to give VIP clients of cryptogames an excellent gaming experience.